A coach, a visionary.

A message from the founder

I remember the first balls we hit, the first time I saw you entering the tennis court, your first shots and the first discussion we had about the game.

Five years have gone past and we are now contemplating the colossal pyramid we have created together in our Academy. Your role has been tremendously influential, your involvement, dedication, passion, joy, including our tough moments, have made us who we are today from your very first steps as a child to your first ITF points.

I am proud to be part of this adventure. Every player, every parent, every single hour spent on the court, has allowed us to learn and grow playing the game, we all fell in love with since we were kids.

Our coaches work very hard to implement the academy philosophy. A system and method I brewed eight years ago when I gasped the tennis spirit in the capital of the game, Barcelona. Implementing the Spanish system in Asia was a huge challenge. Understanding the culture, infusing it with the European vibes in such a different environment with our unique way of speaking broken Spanglish was all part of the strategy to make my dream come alive. We created a community of tennis players all trained to give their best to become the most fulfilled person possible.

Today, that harmony created within our tennis community is continuously put under pressure thanks to the competitive spirit we have conceived. Life is competition and competition is life, we all need it to evolve. Healthy competition is what we are aiming for; the main reason this Academy is so unique and robust.

Every day we have learned from our mistakes, always looking forward to a brighter future. The events created are there to remind us that we are training for a purpose, to develop a deep sense of joy for competing while improving our skills under stress and confronting different challenges.

It is not yet time for me to sit down and relax but to work even harder to create a professional environment and performance program for you to enjoy the game of tennis truly, the one played all over the world.

Founder & Director

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