Our Academics Program

At the Bruguera Tennis Academy, we are focused on offering the best on and off court development, ensuring that all of our players are well equipped for the future.


As countless hours of training are required to play tennis at a high competitive level, it has been essential for us to create a perfect balance between studies and tennis to develop what we call ‘student-athletes’.

To bring this idea to life, BTA has successfully built an alliance/partnership with AESA, a key element in our method to build champions.  

AESA is an online high school that successfully prepares students for the challenge to study at any American university. The tutoring plan follows a US curriculum accredited by AdvancED approved by the NCAA.

By making use of this well-balanced program of tennis and studies, our ‘student-athletes’ will not have to worry about their future. Once they have achieved their high school diploma, our polished talents will be able to opt for a sports scholarship at a leading university in the United States, allowing them to not only look forward to further develop one career but two: A highly skilled tennis player with the chance to go on and compete on the professional ATP/WTA tour or fulfil their academic pathway with a strong educational background that will ensure a thriving future. Both paths lead to success!

To help ensure that our ‘student-athletes’ are suitably allocated into an American university, we have forged a second alliance with University Sports Programme (USP) a highly regarded sports agency that represent and assist competitive student & athletes that are looking to be recruited by a university with the chance to receive an athletic and/or academic scholarship. Since 1995 and with a success rate of 100%, USP has placed over 1400 clients in prestigious colleges across the USA.