Set in Sai Kung’s stunning natural countryside, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy provides a new benchmark for sports lovers. As a holistic sports wellness destination, the academy not only offers programs from two top training academies but also provide ancillary facilities in support of sports wellness.



A total of 83 state of the art rooms will ensure a good night sleep. Good rest is the key for players to stay focused, mentally sharp and aid sensory alertness.

For players who are preparing for tournaments, it is also important to avoid distractions in order to achieve the difficult training objectives set by the coaches. Relax in these residences and emory the different open spaces with a diverse range of comfort to cater to the need of any player, families or groups according to their training needs. 


A Barcelona-based main hub academy with a proven system that believes in a holistic approach to coaching, where all aspects of a player’s life are guided so as to ensure success. Here, technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills are all covered in a well-balanced manner.

7 Plexipave surface outdoor tennis courts.

1 Plexipave surface indoor court. 

2 indoor mini-tennis courts.

One Padel - Tennis Court. 

Pro-eye video analysis cameras.
1 Full equipped gym.