Pro Team

Our methodology forces us always to want more. We want to go further, we want to be better. The reason to create the PRO TEAM program.


Success is nothing new for the Bruguera Academy, considering our track record of achievements with our emblem hub in Barcelona. But now we have a different goal set for the future: make history in Asia. Develop the first top 100 ATP/WTA player born, raised and trained in the continent.

To achieve our goal, we have ensured to cover all of the different aspects within our facilities to forge the ‘perfect ecosystem’ that will guarantee a trustworthy passage for talented athletes towards ultimate success.

The Perfect Ecosystem  

Set in Sai Kung’s stunning natural countryside, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy provides a new benchmark in training facilities and provides our guests with a five-star surrounding like no other academy in the world. Players stay on site on academy campus, where pools, restaurants and leisure pursuits create a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who wants to make a new place feel like home, or even better.  Our five-star room accommodations include 24/7 supervision from our staff, laundry, airports transport, petty cash management and extracurricular activities.

Coaching team  

A revered team of coaches with extensive professional experience will train our players at their maximum capacity, moulding raw talent into a highly skilled athlete.  Not only will our players be instructed by a top international staff, but they will also be trained and developed by a high-performance fitness team that will take their bodies to a whole new level.  

Competition and travel

BTAHK will plan a schedule of national and international tournaments for each player. Each calendar is personalised, based on the individuals’ ability and age.  

Psychological support  

Sports Psychology, mindfulness and etiquette are intrinsically integrated into our training programme. These skills help our players develop good habits and attitude cultivating positive self-awareness. A strong sense of self builds commitment and responsibility, pillars to success on the court and during our player’s academic endeavours.  

A day at the Academy

The pro team daily schedule consists of two hours of on-court tennis in the morning and two hours of tennis in the afternoon added to two hours and thirty minutes of specific physical training. We also further develop our players with different activities such as yoga and present them with the opportunity to learn Spanish with a private tutor.